Why LINC Golf and Wellness?
LINC Golf & Wellness believes that golf is a game of balance, focus, relaxation and fun.  People may think learning golf is difficult.  We believe that anyone of any age can learn the game.  It is not about the score; the swing or how you look it is about having fun and enjoying the game for a life time.  

How does wellness fit in with golf?   Whether you are exercising, reading a book, playing golf or simply sitting in silence, you are taking time for yourself.  We are a resource for your wellness needs.  Finding work-life balance may feel like work at times, but with LINC Golf & Wellness we take out the work and help you find your balance and strength through your golf swing!

Golf is a lot like life!  The faster you swing, the harder you try, the more resistance you get!  Slow your swing let the club do the work and watch the ball fly! Let LINC Golf & Wellness help you find the  your swing and get that distance in your game and life!